What we did so far / our projects

1. Published maternal and children Nutritional Guide Book

Nutrition is critical in the first 1000 days” tasty foods for the first 1000 days! Is a book that has tips and nutritious recipes for each stage of pregnancy, breastfeeding and complementary feeding from 6 -24 months.

2. Recipes and Tips Via SMS, 8486 –Short Code

Text “A” to our short code 8486 to receive a list of menus. Select the recipe you like to receive a full recipe for 2 Birr only. All text are in Amharic, easy simple and affordable

3. For Our client UNIDO we delivered the below activities

1) Development of diversified moringa based recipes taking into consideration the locally available resource base and capacity of the community and replicability;
2) Provision of trainings for the project team on the preparation and process of the diversified recipes developed with moringa base.
3) Provision of the detailed laboratory report on the nutrient level, stability, testing results and acceptability assessment of the recipes;
4) Develop a social marketing strategy to promote Moringa products utilization;
5) Coaching of the project technical staff in principles of nutritious food preparation using moringa;
6) Provision of training on testing using tasting principles/acceptance level of the recipes at community level;
7) Preparation of communication tool kit for promotional purposes

Moringa based recipes developed to contribute for the food and nutrition security of the targeted communities and beyond.
Beneficiaries trained to diversified moringa based food, and understood the value of moringa to be used as food and food supplement to improve the nutrition status of vulnerable groups in the community.