Pregnancy Advice

Congratulations! One of the most exciting journeys has initiated. Of course, at the end of the 40th week, you must be eager to welcome your baby. These 40 weeks represent 1000 days of your baby from birth to two years. Your 1,000-day journey is a journey you will take until your child is 2 years old. Now, take the necessary steps to make the most of your child's physical and intellectual development
Following consistent nutrition strategy will help your child to be able to build future so that his mind and body grow rapidly.
Your baby’s physical and mental growth will give him a healthy and a fulfilling life that lasts forever. This page will give you quick insights on how to nurture and nourish your baby’s future. Nutrition is essential for your baby's physical and mental development for the future. It is best to include the following foods in to your daily meal when you are pregnant.

Tip 1: Omega

Try to include fish to your daily meal for they are rich of omega 3

Tip 2 ÷ Additional nutrients

Try to include foods rich with vitamin D like fish, egg, and well-cooked milked.
It's good to take folic acid daily for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy (400 μg)

Tip 3: Calcium

Try to include milk and dairy products in your diet three times a day. Taking milk, cheese, and yogurt will help you.

Tip 4: Iron

Try mixing iron rich foods two times a day with your food.
Iron-rich foods include red meat, chicken, eggs, beans, and green leafy vegetables.

Tip 5: Sweet foods

Try to avoid sweet foods frequently. You can eat sweet foods occasionally though.

Tip 6: Fruits and Vegetables

Include fruits and vegetables in your meal three times a day.
  • Try to include omega 3 rich diet like fish or sardine.
  • Try to take some egg or milk at least once a day.
  • You have to give your child a drop of vitamin D each day or she should get it from the sunlight every day.
  • You have to drink 8 glasses of clean water every day.
Make sure you are following balanced diet through the day including snacks