First Foods


Before your baby starts to chew

According to health experts, the time for babies to eat actual food start when they get 6 months old. But some kids might want to eat more food rather than taking soups. If you want to feed your baby stronger foods than soups in his/her infant stage, you need to consult your doctor. If your doctor told you it’s okay to feed your baby something sold that a soup, you can start with feeding him/her one spoon of rice once a day. Including milk in his/her meal will benefit him with a plenty of minerals that the body needs.

Healthy foods for your baby

  • Rice, water, milk mixing up with breast milk,
  • Avoid sweet foods. Potato, carrot, parsnip, and rutabaga are good for a start.
  • Apple and other less sweet jams.

Do not feed your baby foods like;

  • Spicy foods,
  • Salty foods,
  • Processed foods,
  • Cow’s milk,
  • Cereals that are rich with gluten,
  • Egg,
  • Meat, Fish, Peanut, Honey, and fatty foods,
  • fruits rich with citrus acid like orange and others,
  • berry and grapes.



  • 1-3 spoons of rice,
  • 3 cup of breast milk
  • Cook the rice combined with the milk
  • After its read to be served, ground it well with spoon
  • You can feed your baby after it cooled down

Vegetable Puree

  • 1 small potato
  • 1 small carrot
  • 1 cup of breast milk

  • Preparation
    • Cook all the recipes together and ground it well. Once it cooled down, its ready to serve.

Fruit Puree

  • 1/3 boiled apple,
  • Half cup of breast milk
  • Preparation
    • Ground well the boiled apple with spoon and mix it with the milk,
    • Now you can feed it to your baby