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What you should know before starting breast feeding


You have to breastfeed the baby so that he can build a healthy and happy life.

Breastfeeding your baby should be your proudest deeds of all times. Your baby is getting the best meal out of the breast milk that is rich with a variety of essential minerals and vitamins. To provide your baby with these essential nutrients, you have first to take care of your self and follow a balanced diet.

The first 100 days plays a significant role in building a happy and healthy child ahead. These are the unforgettable two years of your infant baby. Well, deciding to breastfeed your baby in these days will be the best thing you could have done to your child’s baby.

Your baby needs to be fed whenever he inquires and needs it. Even if he/she is getting the essential nutrients out of it, it’s for free. What’s more, the benefits your baby get from the breast milk will have a positive impact throughout his life.