Breast Feeding Advice

The first 100 days are very important for you to breast feed your baby. According to WHO, every mother have to breast feed their baby constantly for 6 months. The organization gives much emphasis for mother that feed their baby even after the 6 months for two years and beyond. Breast feeding will let your baby to absorb important nutrients from the mother’s body. I hope this article will give you more insights about diets you should follow at breast feeding stage.

Do you know breast feeding is very important for your baby?

Breast milk is easily digestible by your baby. It is rich with essential minerals including protein, carbohydrate, and fat. Moreover, breast milk can increase your baby’s immune system. If you regularly breastfeed your baby at his/her infant age, it will avoid your baby’s chance to gain unnecessary body weight. Although, your baby can also grow a beautiful, healthy, and white teeth. One of the great benefits of breastfeeding is that your baby will become less likely to suffer from type two diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, and others. Well-fed babies are good with reading, writing, and maths. Breastfeeding will help mothers in preventing breast cancer after menopause. Although, while breastfeeding, you can lose weight and burn 500- 600 calories.

Diet while breast feeding

Your diet should be balanced while you are breast feeding includes, cereal, red meat, fish, beans, fat free milk, milk, vegetables, and fresh fruits.

Some of the balanced diet should include;

  • You have to follow healthy diet pattern rich with protein like red meat, fish, sardine, egg, beans, and lentils. Although, green vegetables like cabbage and broccoli are rich with vitamins and other minerals.
  • Avoid fatty foods that will affect your health and makes you gain more weight.
  • Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration while breastfeeding. 8 glass of water of 2 liters will do.
  • Your body burns 300-500 calories while breastfeeding. You have to eat more food. It’s like you are eating for two people at once.

Just remember! simple exercise can also give you some strength. It also stimulates your emotions.

Try to drink caffeine free drinks. You can also drink caffeine free tea.

If you are ready to get pregnant, you have to first think about balancing your diet. This balanced diet has to be very consistent even after your pregnancy. Although, you need to maintain the Appropriate body weight to have a healthy pregnancy. This page will give you helpful insights on how to take care of your self during pregnancy and how to feed your baby starting from giving birth until two years.