Welcome to VitaBite Nutrition
We, at VitaBite Nutrition P.L.C, understand that besides the excitement of being a parent, there are many responsibilities that comes along with it. We are here to ease your stress when it comes to raising a well nourished child by providing you with internationally acclaimed and well developed ... Read more
It is a common misconception that all work has been done with regards to caring for a baby and its mother after the mother has given birth, especially in third world countries. But the truth can’t be farther than this. The dietary condition of lactating mothers and babies has a profound impact on ... Read more
As such, we want to get rid of this cloud that has enveloped most part of Ethiopia. We aim to achieve this through our exceptional services of cooking trainings, cooking videos, cooking books, 8486(M-Nutrition), behavioral change communication strategy development, recipe development, and ... Read more
VitaBite Core Values
We don't settle for anything less than the absolute best in the services we provide. Thus,... Read more
We, at VitaBite, care about our customers more than anything. We share our clients' ... Read more
We are consistent with the services we provide. The recipes we provide have been verified ... Read more
We don't believe that our recipes and services can't get better than they are right now. ... Read more
VitaBite Services
If you are parents, mostly mothers (18-45yeas), of children in the age group of 0-18, we have all you need both for yourselves and your children. We want to see both you and your children live a healthy life. We are committed to make our customers appropriate a lifestyle that would allow both for themselves and their kids to have a well nourished and healthy life.
Cooking Videos
Cooking Videos
We also want our clients to be able to have a quick access to our recipes. Thus, with our cooking ... Read more
Cooking Trainings
Cooking Trainings
We provide trainings in the cooking of various foods based on our internationally praised recipes ... Read more
Cooking Books
Cooking Books
With our cooking books, you get the instructions of how to make different foods that help you to ... Read more
8486 (M-Nutrition)
8486 (M-Nutrition)
M-Nutrition initiative is developing content for a mobile phone-based messaging service aimed at ... Read more
Why VitaBite?
Your Solution for Malnutrition Problems
We are the long-awaited institution to help you get rid of your difficulties with regards to malnutrition. Our recipes are developed from the easily available ingredients and means of cooking. All the nutrition sensitive advices we provide are developed considering the root causes of malnutrition ... Read more
Your Sophisticated Advisers
We, at VitaBite Nutrition, are ready to listen to your particular malnutrition issue, and provide you with the exact recipe you need to be healthy once again. Not only do we assist after the malnutrition problem has been identified but we also try to give precaution measures. We assist pregnant ... Read more
Your Dedicated Teachers
We don’t only want to provide recipes our clients can use to avert their difficulty. But we also want our clients to be well informed about nutrition, malnutrition, health effects of malnutrition, and how to stay clear of malnutrition. We don’t want to create a situation where our clients are just ... Read more